For over 30 Years, we have been producing the highest quality fermented soy products.

We develop nutritional products intended for all ages that hold healthy and supportive roles.


Our Studies

We know thousands of naturally created compounds are produced during our
fermentation process. By furthering our studies, we will be able to identify why our products have helped improved nutrition, health, and well-being for over 30 years.

QCAN PLUS for daily health

For Daily Health

Q-CAN® Plus is perfect for those who are looking for an easy way to balance their diet, meet their body's diverse nutritional needs, and take charge of their overall health. Rich in amino acids, trace elements, and branched-chain fatty acids. Q-CAN® Plus offers a wide-ranging nutrient diversity helping to boost energy.

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QCAN PLUS for medical professionals

For Medical Professionals

Specifically formulated for medical use and patient nutrition, Q-CAN® Plus "unflavored" is derived from fermenting soybeans that improve nutrient absorption. It's low in saturated fat and sodium, high in protein and has zero cholesterol. The formula is easy to digest and will not irritate a weak or recovering digestive tract.

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Product development

Product Development

The steps of development is a 3 stage process: Market Research, Product Development, and Safety.

Market research- we assess the needs of the market and focus on the source of the ingredients. We search for natural food sources with an exceptional nutritional profile and balanced ratio of fats, protein, and carbs. Good nutrition can be found in nature by selecting the best possible source.

Product development- this is where we determine how to ferment the natural food sources. By using wholesome ingredients and fermentation, we can minimize the steps of food processing and retain the high quality that is naturally found in the food source.

Safety- our products go through the last stage of development before it is released to the market. We analyze safety on all manufactured products using scientific and validated safety testing.

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